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“I cannot tell you how much your little book and formula contributed to my understanding of designing hand knits . . . Yours was a real treasure in a simple package. Many of us owe you a huge Thank You for your contribution to advancing the craft…”   Shirley Paden, author of Knitwear Design Workshop: A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits

“I had no idea your wonderful book was coming back . . . hooray. Don’t think I’ve given a workshop in the last 15 years without mentioning you and it.”  Meg Swansen  Schoolhouse Press

The design book I refer to most frequently is Cheryl Brunette’s Sweater 101. I have and use design software, but I still go back to this book. It is easy to use and gives me good results. The first thing I ever designed using this book was my best-fitting garment ever. I have …[several other sweater design books]… but Sweater 101 is still my recommendation.” Rebecca Aldrich Bowen   http://sunshineknitdesigns.com


~ I hope others will take advantage of [Sweater 101] coming back into print . . . Your book, along with Barb Walker and EZ have freed me from the constraints of others! Sarah Rawlings http://www.falllinefiber.com/ Rockville, VA

~ I think everyone who knits a sweater needs to buy your book. I think it’s wonderful . . . I’m so tired of making sweaters that are too big or too small . . . I have several design books and they are all so complicated, this book is so straight forward and great for the visual learner. Rose, Madame Purl http://madamepurl.com/ Rockton, Illinois

~ What a wonderful book!!! I still have your original 101 booklet and I use it all the time. Now I can update. You really started me keeping a record of my knitting for others. . . Thank you for putting my life on track. The sweater schematics give me a starting place. Especially when the person I am knitting for is out of my area. . . The binding on your latest book is great, I can “flatten out” the pages. Thank you for all your time and talent you give to others. Beverly Kaufman, Sedro-Woolley WA

~ Thanks again for a great weekend.  I really enjoyed it and keep thinking how does Cheryl know so much about knitting – you are amazing! Barb Sullivan, Traverse City MI

~Wow! Cheryl! What a fantastic resource!! It is just great! The Appendix B pages are so great…little interactive forms . . . I will definitely be recommending your ebook to friends and students of mine. Marlene Reilly, Basking Ridge NJ

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I love and have used Sweater 101 over the years. And just last night I watched your Finishing 101 Video. . . There is a brand new baby in the family so both Sweater 101 and Finishing 101 video will be getting a brand new workout! Thank you for both of them! They are just wonderful. Lynne Cunningham, Greenville NY

~ Wanted to thank you again for the wonderful workshop!! I learned a great deal and love your book! We have our weekly guild meeting this afternoon and I plan to take it to show everyone! I tried your hint about soaking ‘used’ yarn in vinegar and water last night and the kinks came out almost as soon as I put the yarn into the water!! How wonderful!! Carol Paggeot, Atlanta MI

~ Hi Cheryl….Yes indeed, this is just what I’ve needed all along! I read through the whole thing instead of paying attention to the Super Bowl game, and I am really impressed with your knowledge and the way you’ve presented it . . .I know I would be years ahead if I had had your book all along! Loretta Balga, Juliette GA

Hi Cheryl . . . I DO love Sweater 101. . . I am going to get a ton of use out of [it]. Thank you for offering such a valuable tool! Judy Madge, Toronto, ON Canada ~I was amazed that this has not been in my library already! I was looking for such a book last year! I’ve thought about designing plenty of times and now I have so much information at my fingertips! Mary Chan Victoria, B.C.Canada http://marydotmusic.livejournal.com Ravelry: YarnOverHere

~ Thank you for writing such a wonderful book, and for getting it back in print for people who weren’t knitting when the first version came out (or who were knitting uneven-gauged scarves with acrylic yarn :-)) Jodi Lough, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

The design book I refer to most frequently is Cheryl Brunette’s Sweater 101. I have and use design software, but I still go back to this book. It is easy to use and gives me good results. The first thing I ever designed using this book was my best-fitting garment evert . . . It is a very basic book, good for fledgling designers or people who wish to alter commercial designs for a custom fit. I have . . . [other sweater design titles] . . . but Sweater 101 is still my recommendation. Rebecca Aldrich Bowen http://sunshineknitdesigns.com

~ Thanks for reprinting Sweater 101. I had a copy I bought from Patternworks years ago and lost it in a move. I thought I would never have another chance to use the book and regretted its loss. I am very, very pleased to see it again! . . .The only thing that could improve upon the experience would be to get a copy of your Finishing 101 video. It was excellent . . . Thanks again, Anne Burton, Ocean NJ

I purchased your Sweater 101 way back in the day when it was a folder from Patternworks and am wondering if it has been updated or includes anything new? No matter, I would love a copy [of the new addition] for my knit bag when I travel and I dare not tote my original around for fear of losing it or destroying it. Antonette Pearson, Willows CA

~ . . . my knitting has never made as much sense to me as it has since the retreat . . .  Having formulas that make sense and that will take care of the “oh, I hope it fits when I’m done” worry out of the equation is immeasurable.  The fact that we learned more than the formulas was an extra bonus.  By that I mean all of the little  finishing tips and asides that made the workshop lots of fun, never boring, and invaluable to me. . .  The pace was perfect, your flexibility appreciated, and your teaching style – attention to learning style, spot on!  Thanks for everything, Norma Curtis, Dean of Assessment and Graduate Study, Chair of Education, Olivet College

~I’m so pleased with Sweater 101 . . . I’ve only just started to use it but I’m already happy with it. Your writing is so clear, and the quality of the paper, print, and binding is excellent. A really nice product — thank you! Anne Childs, Pleasanton CA

~ Dear Cheryl, Many years ago, when I purchased my first Bond knitting machine, I had the joy of owning your videos. I can’t tell you how much I loved watching those videos! . . . I happened to see a reference to you and Sweater 101 (I think I MAY have a copy of that, I’m not sure – our house burned this past August and I’ve packed the surviving books away until the house is rebuilt!) If I can’t find it, I will definitely be ordering another copy . . . You’re such an incredible teacher. I’m sure you’ve heard that many, many times. . . Catherine Keller

This book is such a great boon to designers!Thank you! Charisa Martin Cairn, President of the Snohomish Knitters Guild,http://pulsh.blogspot.com/

~ Hi Cheryl, The retreat was an amazing learning experience for me. It gave me the ability to mathematically figure out exactly how to create a sweater for any body type and with any pattern.  I teach a ton of patternless designs and I’ve been at a loss on how to definitively do the figures to make it work . . .  If I learn one good thing I am happy. I learned waaaay more than that, so I’m very, very happy. Sandy Czech, Shelby Township MI

~ This book gives you the tools to make anything. It gives you the confidence to go ahead and do it! I heard about it from Meg Swansen years ago and I was thrilled when I heard it was back in print. Cris Peterson, IA

Sweater 101 is an excellent resource for knitters….chapters on basic sweater styles, a couple of math skills, gauge, fit, and measurements— and most importantly how to fit it all together to come up with exactly what YOU want! Wonderful! The last chapter of taking it all beyond the basics is not only freeing to the knitter but very encouraging. Tina Kim, http://knittingcontessa.blogspot.com/

~ This is a clean, functional, step-by-step guide to building your own sweater patterns. You don’t get out of measuring, but you do get someone guiding you clearly along the path to sweater success time after time. Amy R. Singer, Editor, Knitty Magazine, http://www.knitty.com/

Sweater 101 Reviews +Foreword Review by the Knitting Scholar.

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